Bean to bar chocolate boasts a smooth chocolate flavor with the fresh fruit and floral notes characteristic of cacao grown in the Beni region of Bolivia, South America. Mocha chocolate has freshly roasted espresso coffee and rich heavy cream solids added into the melanger as the chocolate is processed. This is bean-to-bar chocolate, crafted with care in Edinburg, Texas. We select, roast, winnow, pre-refine, refine, conch and temper the beans in small batches. We are careful to source single-origin cacao that is grown organically. The formulation of mocha chocolate incorporates heavy cream solids that create a wonderful melt-in-your-mouth smooth and silky chocolate deliciousness and freshly roasted and ground espresso coffee with fresh-roasted almonds added when the chocolate is poured into the molds. Each bar weighs about 2 ounces and is hand-wrapped in paper-lined gold alligator foil, then in paper.

Mocha chocolate with almonds

  • Most shipping is via USPS priority mail.

    Due to the delicate nature of chocolate, shipping will be limited to September to April. Extra care is taken to insulate and keep the chocolate from being affected by excessive heat.